Things To Consider For Your New Bathroom

Tell us what you want and we can help you design your own bespoke bathroom designed to serve your needs for years to come.

Identify The Purpose Of Your Bathroom
AnswerWhat is it that you want from your bathroom?

Is the purpose to serve you and provide you those moments of private tranquillity?

Or does it need to function as a family unit, enduring almost constant usage while retaining serenity?

Or is it an en-suite to the master bedroom, serving solely you and (maybe, sometimes) your partner?

A private space to prepare you in the morning?

Or to assist you in unwinding after a long day at work?

Once you know what you want from your bathroom, we can then move forward with ease and clarity.

Bath Or Shower
AnswerOr both? This option comes down to 3 things: space, purpose and budget. We can help you with two of those variables and we can stretch the third, but ultimately it depends on the energy you want in the room. Is it a bath to relax and wind down the tension from a long day, a space to soak and revitalise the muscles, or perhaps there is a need for pace, to refresh with a purpose in a strong shower space.

Whatever you want to fit in we will assist you in the configuration of the room in order to make it work, and we can show you the best products to suit your criteria. If you choose to take a shower, a shower area can add significant value to your bathroom and property. It’s eye-catching and what’s more, will radiate a feeling of freedom and liberty that no traditional shower cubicle can. If it’s a really small space we can even open it up and fit a wet-room for you.

AnswerThis is imperative. Consider recessed fixtures throughout the ceiling to really brighten up the room. You can include one in the shower and use a dimmer switch which will allow you to adjust the mood in your bathroom.

Also consider the fittings, such as mirrors. Will you need functional bright lighting for shaving or applying beauty products?

Aesthetically it works so well to have a recessed shelf or cabinet (if you have the space) with its own light source. Spotlights can light specific areas and you can always vary the colour in order to adjust your atmosphere.

AnswerAs mentioned above, do you have the space for recessed cabinets which will give you more space in the room? Will you go for easy to access drawer storage or cabinets, all of which we can discuss and conclude when one of our experts visits your property.
AnswerA quintessential aspect of any bathroom, which you can also customise to your preference and comfort. Do you want it concealed? Or would you opt for the exposed piping, with a rustic traditional feel? Our experts are experienced in that they can arrange your bathroom to your best choosing, rearranging the pipe work. Perhaps you’ll opt for concealed pipes around you’re sink to avoid the build of limescale, while the exposed options enable easy maintenance.

Perhaps you’re aware of the wall hung pan, a toilet protruding from the wall, with the tank concealed inside the wall (you can still access the components via the flush panel). We think it’s a beautiful configuration and can give you the element of spatial freedom and elegance. Included in this, we will fully waterproof the elements that require it, known as tanking. Our team is experienced in this and fully capable of making your space fit for purpose.

AnswerWe are reknowned for tiling in the industry, being a recommended installer for Domus Tiles and CP Hart, both well respected industry leaders in the luxury bathroom trade. Consider the ambience of the room, is it precision you require, or the rounded edges and softer feel?

We recognise that every millimetre makes a difference and will advise you from our experience on which grade of tiles to use for your purpose. All our installers are experienced and strive for perfection, focussing attention on all the little details. Symmetry across the walls, through the grouting from wall to ceiling across the room, to the 45 degree edge on the corner of your recessed shelving, we practice the finest attention to every little detail, to give you that luxury tailored bespoke finish.

This guide is meant to assist you as you move forward with your new bathroom and hopefully will help you reach a better idea of what you want to achieve.

Ultimately, everyone here at Teammax Ltd is committed to providing the bathroom you desire.

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