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Expert Tips and 14 Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Help You Save on Your Renovation

bathroom renovation

Looking to turn your bathroom into a stunning space but worried about the daunting task and cost of a full bathroom renovation? Fear not, because with TeamMax’s expert bathroom remodel ideas and tips, achieving gorgeous results and a smooth process is within your reach. With our services, it is assured that your project will be well-planned and executed with minimal complications and costs.

No matter the size or shape of your space, or your budget, you can transform your bathroom into a dream oasis without breaking the bank. So why wait? Let’s get started on your perfect bathroom renovation today!

1- Sanitaryware Salvaged with Beautiful Results

When it comes to bathroom remodelling, there are many ways to keep costs down while still achieving excellent outcomes. One option is to reuse existing fixtures and fittings, such as taps or sanitaryware, which can add character and save money.

Using existing plumbing whenever possible is also an important cost-saving measure. Moving to plumb around can add to the project’s cost, so it’s best to work with the existing layout where possible. If you need additional fixtures, buying them yourself can save big, as you can shop around for deals and select popular brands with readily available replacement parts. It’s also a good concept to replace any plumbing as needed while it’s exposed, as older pipes may need to be replaced, and it’s much easier to do so when they’re accessible.

2- Remember All The Dos And Don’t’s

If you plan to transform your small bathroom, relocating the tub can significantly impact you. However, some changes may not be as cost-effective, according to experts. For instance, avoid relocating the faucet, as it can result in more work and higher costs. Instead, think about modifying the faucet without moving its location.

If you need to move other key elements, try to keep the toilet close enough to the existing soil pipe to minimize plumbing complications and keep the overall expenses down.

3- Combining Different Materials

You can mix and match different sanitaryware items from various suppliers to achieve a stylish and high-quality finish at an affordable price. As long as you research well, it is possible to find cheap but durable materials with the same quality as expensive ones. By finding the right combination of materials, you can acquire a different look for your bathroom design that is within your budget.

*There is plenty to explore if you’re looking for more pocket-friendly bathroom ideas.

4- Design Features that Create Optical Illusions

Small bathroom designs, such as loft bathrooms, can benefit from inventions that create an illusion of space. A wall-hung vanity unit allows the floor to continue underneath, giving the impression of a larger area. Moreover, by incorporating an alcove in the walk-in shower, one can avoid adding bulky shelves that would add more space.

To enhance the look of even the most neutral bathroom, add textural and tonal attraction using matt black hardware – ultra-modern and sleek, making it a great fit for almost any bathroom. Adding dramatic flair to shower fixtures, taps, and vanity units provides a remarkable contrast against pared-back white wall tiles, which help maintain a light and bright atmosphere.

5- Easy Bathroom Upgrades

To make your bathroom remodeling project more cost-efficient, it’s important to keep the design simple and avoid any unnecessary ornamentation or decorative moldings. Overly complicated designs can quickly drive up the cost of the project and lead to mistakes.

Many homeowners tend to overlook the bathroom when it comes to remodeling, but there are straightforward ways to make it a showpiece. For example, even something as simple as recessing a soap dish, medicine cabinet, or toilet paper roll holder can give the room a dapper and contemporary look.

6- Transformative Tiles

To create a visually appealing bathroom, incorporating patterned floor tiles can help add appeal and bring together the different colors used in the space. A Victorian-style print can provide a nod to the period of the property while also complementing the traditional bath and shower fixtures.

To finish off the space, simple metro tiling may provide a polished and stylish glance, along with creating an illusion of height and space. It doesn’t require any major structural changes.

7- Practical and Attractive Bathroom Flooring

A bathroom remodel expert advises against hardwood flooring due to the room’s high moisture and steam levels. Instead, opting for materials such as porcelain or ceramic tile, or vinyl plank and tile is recommended. Nowadays, you can find vinyl bathroom flooring that replicates the look of wood, which is affordable and waterproof.

8- Bold and Vibrant Color Schemes

Make a bold statement with the brightest bathroom remodel ideas and choose a striking bathroom paint color scheme like the pink here. Pairing it with on-trend black gives an industrial edge to the pretty palette. Splitting the room in half with color and taking the top color right up to the ceiling, plays with the visual dimensions of the space but without the cost of extending.

9- Space-Expanding Mirrors

For small bathroom designs, including large mirrors as part of your renovation plans is important. Installing a frameless mirror that covers an entire wall can help make the space feel brighter and more spacious. Additionally, to prevent the mirror from misting up after showers and baths, installing heated pads behind the mirror is a good idea.

10- Resourceful and Creative Replacements

One suggestion from an interior designer is to upgrade the knobs of vintage cabinetry instead of replacing them completely, which can be expensive. By changing the hardware of the cabinetry, the design can be transformed from vintage to modern with a few hundred dollars, whereas buying new cabinetry could cost a couple of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and style.

11- Elevate Your Shower Walls

Retiling your shower walls can be a cost-effective way to update your bathroom’s look. A DIY approach can save you finances, but make sure to stay within your budget when shopping for tiles.

12- A Balanced Lighting Scheme

An interior architect suggests that instead of a full bathroom remodel, minor changes like switching to LED bulbs or changing the light levels can update the bathroom’s look without breaking the bank.

A single central pendant light fitting can prove much cheaper than individual downlights or wall lights.

13- Stylish Bathroom Storage

Don’t forget bathroom storage when revamping your bathroom. Nothing detracts from a beautiful new space more than clutter. Fitted bathroom furniture provides a coordinated look and is suitable for any budget-friendly bathroom remodeling project, but it must be planned in advance.

Freestanding and modular furniture offers more flexibility and can be installed after the bathroom fixtures have been put in place. Modular furniture can even be mounted on the wall, making the most of space in areas prone to clutter.

14- Upgrading Your Vanity Unit

One of the most popular bathroom renovation projects is replacing the vanity unit, which is often a focal point of the space. Homeowners frequently lack enough counter or sink space in their bathrooms, and changing their vanity unit is the simplest solution. Keeping the vanity in the same position is the best way to save on this project, as relocating plumbing fixtures can be costly. Also, if feasible, you can reuse your old fixtures with your new vanity.

Expert Bathroom Remodelling Tips

  • Choose trustworthy tradespeople for your bathroom renovation

Hiring a trustworthy company is essential when renovating a bathroom. To make the right choice, research and choose a reputable professional. Ask for recommendations from friends and inspect their previous work. It’s suggested to use an insured plumber to protect against water damage and liability.

Teammax can help find reliable staff and ensure that they are insured and have a good track record. Additionally, we guarantee that a contract is signed to ensure the agreed work is completed on schedule.

  • Hire an electrician early on in the bathroom remodel

For any electrical rewiring, lighting schemes, electric shower, or shower pump installation, it is necessary to hire an expert electrician. Discuss your requirements with them before beginning any building or plumbing work so that they can plan their tasks into your bathroom remodeling schedule.

It is also paramount to choose a registered electrician to get additional protection in case something goes wrong.

  • Do not skimp on brassware

Brassware is an essential component of the bathroom and is used daily, particularly concealed valves that regulate your home’s water temperature. Look for ‘rub clean’ showerheads with easy-clean nozzles to prevent limescale build-up, especially if you live in a hard-water area.

  • Conceal pipework

TeamMax provides the best bathroom remodelling services. Our team of experts knows how to achieve a clean and streamlined look by concealing pipework and services in bathroom flooring, ceilings, and boxing. This makes tiling and laying flooring much more manageable while ensuring crucial components are still accessible in case of a leak.

If you want to install a freestanding bath away from walls, their team can raise it on a plinth and hide pipework underneath, achieving both practicality and style.

The TakeAway

For professional and high-quality bathroom remodeling services, look no further than TeamMax. Our experienced team helps you transform your small bathroom into a beautiful, functional space that meets all your needs. From relocating the tub to changing the faucet and other key elements, we can provide cost-effective solutions to minimize plumbing complications and keep your overall costs down.

So, if you’re ready to start planning your bathroom remodel, contact us today and let us help you create the bathroom of your dreams.