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At Teammax we enrich our bespoke services by screening all of our team members thoroughly so that you receive a thorough service from skilled and experienced professionals delivering excellent services as per your requirements.

A crucial element of our service is that we are able to listen to our customers and guide you through the process.

We are a small company which offers full transparency of all the works carried out – but large enough to deliver the full extent of services that you require with experts experienced in every field of building work.

It is this personal touch which has helped us to grow over the years, with a dedicated group of builders working together from day one, our own exclusive team, rather than recruiting unknown individuals so you know and we know the standard of our work will not be diminished.

We Are Pleased To Present Our Vibrant Team Who Will Care For You And Your Projects Now And For Years To Come

Our Team


These are the faces of the experts who will communicate directly with you and get hands on with your project, also managing teams of skilled labourers as necessary on your project.

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