Know Before You Go – Wetroom Installation

A wetroom refers to a bathroom which does not have a sectioned-off shower area. The area with the shower may be separated from the rest of the bathroom with a sliding door or a glass door The floor level is maintained throughout the bathroom. 

Wetroom installation is quite common for small bathrooms to make them appear and feel more spacious. It needs to be mentioned that a wetroom does not have to be any less luxurious. One can have wall-to-ceiling showers, a tub and much more in a wetroom. It is all about maximizing a smaller space or creating a comfortable shower area. You can install a brand new wetroom or renovate your bathroom into one. 

Why Teammax Ltd: Teammax is perfectly capable of creating the ultimate wet room installation for you. The designers, builders, electricians and plumbers at Teammax are all skilled and talented professionals. All you need to do is tell us what you are expecting from your wetroom installation and we will get it done for you. 

Are you wondering if a wetroom is a right choice for your bathroom? Send us a message on our website, email us at or call us: at +447879702046. We will help you through the entire process and provide you with any guidance you need. We can build that luxury bathroom for you. Teammax is on your team, always. 

Looking For A Wetroom Installation Near Me?

Teammax is the wetroom installation company nearest to you in London. We work with wetroom installation, luxury bathroom installation and complete bathroom design, installation and renovation. Our services have been perfected with almost two decades of experience in creating the most gorgeous and luxurious bathrooms in London. Our team is made of qualified builders, trained and experienced electricians and plumbers. When you choose Teammax Ltd, you get this experience and skill for your project. We specialize in smart homes, home refurbishment, luxury bathroom installation, and wetroom installation. We are more than prepared to meet any renovation project you have in hand. 

You can choose to have your designs created or we can help you with the designing and planning too. Our work in the field gives us a thorough understanding and knowledge of the latest trends and technology when it comes to bathrooms. We can offer you the best ideas and most gorgeous bathroom layouts, lighting and more. We understand the finer nuances of fitting a wetroom. 

You will need an expert on your side to ensure that the wetroom flooring is as tightly waterproofed as possible to avoid leaks into other areas. We can also set up safe floor heating for your wetroom so that the colder months are bearable. Teammax is here to provide you with full wetroom installation.

How Does Long A Wetroom Installation Take?

A typical wetroom installation can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. More or less depending on the project. If you would like a more certain answer, get in touch with us to find out. 

A simple wetroom installation in place of the existing bathroom, if it is only about replacing the shower, is the quickest installation. If your entire bathroom needs to be changed to accommodate a wetroom, such as changing the layout, or replacing multiple fixtures and lighting it can take longer as we will have to redo the plumbing and electrical work as well and rebuild your bathroom from scratch. Ultimately it depends on your project and how much detailed work you expect from us. No matter what, you can be guaranteed a well-done wetroom with Teammax. Contact us directly through our website or any of the following channels. email: , call: +447879702046.

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