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How To Renovate A Bathroom? Modern Remodel Ideas

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When we at TeamMax go to visit a new client to discuss their latest bathroom renovation project around London, we often come across similar problems. Small spaces, ancient pipework, and a well overdue renovation!

By this time, luckily one of those issues is already being taken care of, another issue will be remedied once we start as a part of the package and service, but the first issue – lack of space, is something that needs to be explored and this is, for us, the exciting part of the job. There’s so much you can do with a modern bathroom renovation, even within a modest space we can turn it into a luxurious and spacious room that can add value to your property as well as making it a focal point of the home, exuding luxury, comfort, and relaxation.

Occasionally (a few times a week) we come across a bathroom horror story, a showcase for what not to do, or a hark back to yesteryear when wooden cladding around the shower enclosure was deemed a superior choice in bathroom design and innovation. When functionality within the household was such a high priority that the toilet was separate from the shower/bathroom, ingenious, but self-hygiene was not such a priority, as the basin could also be found only in the shower/bathroom… Or perhaps you need a step ladder to climb into your shower? Meters of space for your small copper pipes but nowhere to hide your toothbrush and your conditioner?

It’s all out there, just when you think no more! There’s another one, and another… if this sounds familiar, keep reading, because yes you are in possession of an out-of-shape bathroom but there is a renovation out there for everyone, you just need to find the right people, creative people who will look after you and care for your project as if it were their own. This at least describes our ethos, and this is what we look for in our business partners be they designers, bathroom suppliers, or the people who form our business.

Who Can Help With Your Bathroom Renovation?

Often is the case – who do you speak to first? Let’s not beat around the bush about it, you need to have a builder/experienced plumber inspect the site before you proceed. They will give you the correct information you need to know before you can consider the design and the parts you are going to use. Can you fit a bath into that space? Is the room built to enable the pipe-work to install a flush-level walk-in shower? Would you be better off utilising the space as a wet room? Can we add a recessed shelf in the shower and a recessed mirror cabinet with wired-in lighting? Perhaps you’ll have the space for a feature wall with a standalone tub and freestanding taps and to add that touch of class and panache, a hidden radio system or a built-in TV? Your installation team will be able to guide you on what you can achieve within your space and then redirect you to the ideal suppliers and designers with this information for you, best suited to your needs.

Luxury Modern Bathroom Designs

In this instance, you need a supplier and a designer who is not only open to the many available luxury brands on the market – who can compare and suggest items specific to your needs but someone who can get you the right prices and show them to you in the clearest way possible. Modern bathroom renovations have the luxury of being designed in 3D before any hammers and wrenches come anywhere near your current bathroom. This you might think is obvious but, much less available than you might think. Our friends at Bathroom By Design will however design your bathroom with you for free, remotely, or in one of their showrooms. At TeamMax, we love the way they utilise technology, sharing their computer screen with you so you can see the design process from miles away, providing the designs to you via their app, and being able to choose the variation of the tiling or different shower heads so you can see it as if it were already installed, instantly! We believe these guys are going to take the bathroom renovation world by storm and we couldn’t be more excited to work alongside them and assist them on their journey. Equally, we have strong connections with many more well-established companies who all offer variations of a similar service, West One bathrooms across London, particularly in Chelsea go the extra mile for their clients and we are always happy to refer our clients their way to see the products in a showroom.

how to renovate a bathroom

Bath, Shower, or Both?

First, think “what are you going to use more often?”, then we can look at the options available for the size of your bathroom. We always like to remind our customers that anything is possible because there are many ways a skilled builder, like those we choose to employ, can accommodate and create what you want, within reason, within any space. Is it going to be a freestanding tub with a separate free-standing tap, or are you going for a corner bath with a jacuzzi setting? Perhaps you prefer to have a more open, spacious room with a shower area you can walk into without any tight cubicle doors to shut behind you, with a hand shower and a rainfall shower head above you. Something seemingly as simple as the drainage system can have a large role to play in the design of this new bathroom, so make yourself aware of the different types, like a linear waste as well as the common circular shower drain.

Which Tiles Look Best?

We love tiles, we even love tiling. Buying the right tiles can be what makes your bathroom feel like a luxurious throne room designed by the gods for the chosen royalty who bless this mortal earth we share, from the modest, kind-of-average-looking room where the water comes out.
Bigger tiles = better for you because these tiles (obviously) require less grout which means there are fewer weak points in the structure of the surface in your bathroom meaning fewer cracks, less leakage, and better hygiene. We even have the experience of installing large 3-metre tiles on a feature wall in the middle of Belgravia in London. With tiles this big, the cost matches the scale of the tile, but the payoff is second to none.

Wall Hung…

… toilets and basins are so popular now in the modern chic London bathroom renovation and rightly so. They save space by building the tank into the wall and concealing the plumbing and are so much more hygienic as you can easily clean underneath them, while they also just give you this factor of wow that you just don’t get with traditional units standing on the floor.

Say Yes To Underfloor Heating

By adding underfloor heating to your bathroom renovation you are taking your bathroom into the 21st Century, you are removing those bulky, ugly radiators off the wall and you are ensuring a temperate climate is going to be maintained in a room full of cold tiling which you will more often (than in other rooms) spend your time wet and naked. You may think underfloor heating is an expense you can put aside, but if you are going to add value to your home emotionally or financially, do the right thing and put that heating under the floor. You can still keep that heated towel rail, better yet, use a dual fuel towel rail so even in the summer when the central heating is locked away you can still heat and dry your towels with the electric option.

Lighting Your World

When I say lighting, you should be excited. Lighting styles and the fittings used can really accentuate the style you are looking for in a room, be it warm and soft or bright and clinical, this can be what defines your luxurious new bathroom renovation. You can think outside the box, no more do we need to rely on a centrally hung light bulb from the ceiling, but you can think about LED strips shining down from the top of your new recessed shelving. You can space spotlights throughout the room – freeing up space within the room and keeping it well-lit in its entirety; whichever colour you so desire.

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Bathroom Beats and Views

Like I said earlier, TeamMax is a big fan of modern technology and integrating that within its work, and what with all the wireless technology now in the mainstream, wireless smart devices are no longer expensive, and it’s become a familiar addition to the bathroom. Installing a wireless radio or speaker system into your bathroom with surround sound, enabling you to connect your phone via Bluetooth and play your most relaxing playlist while you sink into the depths of your favourite smelling bubble-filled waters of your new standalone handmade stone bathtub…

Perhaps you’re just going to go all out and get a TV screen put in? Why not catch up on your favourite series while you wash away the stress of the day that has passed? It’s possible and we can enable that for you.

I conclude, that we are passionate about bathroom installations and renovations here at TeamMax and we want to help you to get it right. Why not check out the rest of our website and see for yourself what we can do for you and what we’ve already done for so many others?