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Planning and Installing a Bathroom for Your Home

Bathroom Renovation

Planning and installing a bathroom for your home may seem like a daunting task. This may have been true once upon a time too but this is not at all the case anymore. Whether you are looking to remodel, renovate or refurbish your bathroom, it is much easier done today. You can do it yourself too if you are up for it. Though you can always get the help of property refurbishers to make the task easy. Refurbishers such as TeamMax are experienced in the field and have sufficient support teams to take care of each task related to renovating the bathroom. So the task will be completed more smoothly and with the least disturbances to you and other residents.

So, planning and installing a bathroom for your home, whether you are installing it from scratch or redoing the entire bathroom can be managed if you take care of a few steps. It is always good to plan and stick to the plan as much as possible. Though there is no guarantee, there can be mishaps and mistakes and other unexpected circumstances can cause delays. Still, the task can be managed better if you can stick to the plan despite these unexpected interruptions. Our experience in the field has allowed us to gain quite a bit of knowledge on this topic. So here we decided to compile a list of tasks involved in installing bathrooms so that you can have a better idea of what is involved.

Like most everything we do in life, bathroom planning & bathroom installation can be done better if it is done methodically. By this, we mean that if you follow a well-planned, step-by-step process, you can accomplish your bathroom installation without a glitch. Without proper planning, of course, there are a lot of risks involved such as not having sufficient time, not having the right products and having to go get them, disrupted plumbing leading to flooding of the bathroom or even the home, mismanaged electrical works, and more. But when you handle this task in the right manner, everything is more highly likely to go smoothly and you will have your bathroom ready in no time at all.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, let us get into the thick of things. Going forward, we are going to assume that you will be taking down your bathroom and going through with a new bathroom installation. So our guide is written accordingly. But if you are looking for how to go through with a new bathroom installation, then feel free to scroll down to the relevant headings and find what you need. It won’t do to demolish your bathroom willy-nilly, it will just leave you with a lot of cleaning and a mess to take care of. So our first step will begin with planning, and then the undoing and finally we will look at how you can build back up – but with your style.

Baby Steps – Planning, Strategy, And Research

Planning, strategy, and research when it comes to your bathroom installation will need to be done simultaneously. This is because you will plan your dream bathroom, and strategize on how to get it done and the research will tell you how much of your plan can be bought to life. This is because the research stage will include looking into building laws and regulations, the blueprint of your home and bathroom, and learning the plumbing and electrical works too.

There might be a limit to how much change you can make, especially when it comes to layouts. This is why the first step should and will consume more of your time especially if you do it all by yourself without professional help.

Start with taking measurements of your bathroom and highlighting the key areas you want to change. Then you should take a look at the products/raw materials/materials you will need and make the required estimates. You can then look up the regulations and laws and make necessary changes or upgrades to your original plan.

First Steps – Undo What Was Done

This step will require due care. Before beginning the undoing, you should take some time out to check the plumbing thoroughly. Turn off all the major taps and water outflow into the bathroom. It is also best to double-check this step so that there can be no leeway for accidents.
Then you can begin by removing the decor first then showers, taps, and toilets – anything that you want to remove or change. After this, you can remove tiles, wallpapers, and lighting. What you remove here will depend on your preferences and plans entirely.

The Final Touch – Back Where It Belongs

This is a very technical step. If this is not done with due care, chances you may end up with a bathroom installation that will need ever so many repairs. Begin with fixing the wall tiles/wallpaper or paint if that is what you prefer. Then fix the toilet first before any other part. As the tiles are usually cut and fixed around it. Then you can complete the floor tiling as everything else can be fixed around.
Make sure to fix the plumbing with as much care as you can. This will protect the rest of the bathroom, and connected rooms from dampness, leaks, and more. The lighting and any decor such as mirrors can be placed last.

Endnote & About Us

It may seem like a daunting task, but with due research and learning- which can be done through various online portals today- you’ll be able to accomplish the bathroom installation of your dreams.
We at TeamMax love modern bathroom renovations and creating ultimate designer bathrooms. Turning a small, city bathroom into a luxury wetroom with maximised space and luxurious decor is our specialty. If you hit a snag in your bathroom installation, you can come to us for a free quote and more. Our refurbishing skills may just be what you need.