modern stylish kitchen design

Stylish Kitchen Installation, Croxley Green

Modern stylish kitchen design

This wonderfully indulgent kitchen, designed and supplied by Wren has been brought to life with the addition of some sophisticated lighting design, supplied by Teammax. The result is a bright, welcoming and spacious room where you can entertain, create artistic food or simply relax.

The lighting has been designed to create different moods depending on your requirements, be it bright for the whole room or to focus on what you are cooking. The electrical circuits needed to be replaced and redesigned by Teammax, but as you can see, the extra work was well worth the end result.

The flooring, imported from a specialist factory in Italy has been laid seamlessly through the entire property, creating a flow and awe for anyone visiting the property.

The kitchen appliances have all been installed and fitted as part of the kitchen and in order to comply with electrical safety requirements and the clients keen taste, we have concealed the fuse switches inside a cupboard, in reach but out of sight.

Review from customer:
“I work in the bathroom industry so I had great expectations about my property refurbishment, and I must say Teammax met them.
Max and his experienced and skilful team showed scrupulous attention to details and proactive approach through the entire project. Great results!