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The Pros and Cons of Installing a Wet Room

Wet Room Installation in Chiswick

Wetrooms are quickly taking over as the preferred layout in place of bathrooms. This change could be driven by the increase in urban population resulting in smaller homes and even smaller bathroom spaces. At any rate, we cannot deny that Wet Room Installation in Chiswick does have an aesthetic appeal. Let’s stop speculating and take a look at the benefits.

A Spacious Bathroom

Who doesn’t dream of a large and spacious bathroom with a ton of freedom to move? And that’s exactly what you get when you turn your bathroom into a wet room.

Clearing and removing any unnecessary builds around the bathroom allows you to have more space with only the necessities. This does not translate into ‘bare necessities’; remember that. A Wet Room Installation can be as luxurious as you want, and you will also not be compromising on any amenities that you prefer.

Traditional wetrooms often consisted of a washstand for the basin, a shower, and a toilet. Today wet rooms are much more extravagant, fitted with bathrooms, sitting, and more. Likewise, you can have your bathroom converted into the wet room of your dreams and enjoy having a spacious bathroom for once.

Accessibility – An Underrated Benefit!

Most architecture around our homes and in our communities does not consider the members of our society who require more accessibility to move. People with disabilities, the elderly, and children will find it far easier to navigate a wet room. To begin with, there are far fewer obstructions in their way, and everything they need is easy to access. Be it hopping in for a shower, going to the toilet or even brushing one’s teeth in the morning – it is much easier in a wet room as it is an open space.

In addition to this, it’ll be much more comfortable to fit the necessary amenities of disabled people in a wet room. It is almost as if every house should be equipped with at least one wet room owing to disabled people, elders, as well as children.

Easy To Maintain

Without a shadow of a doubt, you will have a more manageable time with the cleaning and upkeep of the Wet Room. They’re simple open spaces that are comparatively less complicated, clean, and quite straightforward too. Further, the multitude of nooks and crannies that you’ll have to scrub and worry about in an average bathroom is non-existent. The walls are easier to access for a complete wipe down, and you will also not have to deal with different flooring in different areas.

Moreover, because the whole bathroom is completely waterproofed, you can broom and brush down the bathroom like you would the shower area. Wiping off the water and then drying the bathroom completes the job. It’s that easy!

Increased Property Value

This is true for any sort of renovation, not just Wet Room Installation in Chiswick!

Renovation means installing new hardware in the home, and that means bathrooms that last a long time. This will add value to your property. In addition to this, wet rooms are currently in demand, so when you put a house on the market with one or more wet rooms, it will increase the value, even if only a little bit. Besides, you will also be able to attract buyers with mobility issues as it is so much more appealing to them.

Durable With Fewer Repairs

Have you been searching online for “the best Wet Room Installation Near Me“? Well, you must, as it is no simple matter1

Trained and experienced property refurbishers will ensure that every area of the bathroom is designed to be waterproof. It also means making failsafe plans for damages, leaks and other problems that are bound to arise in a bathroom. This automatically improves the quality of a wet room, especially in comparison with other bathroom layouts.

Consequently, they are less likely to come into repairs or require refurbishment any time soon. Since their making is also done with meticulous planning and due care, they will last so much longer than standard bathrooms.

Save Space With A Wet Room Installation in Chiswick

You know that wet rooms are spacious, but did you know that you can also save space with a wet room? Now you do!

Unlike most other bathroom layouts, you can fit so much into a wet room with ease. You can even convert your loft into a wet room with a bathtub, and it will still feel more spacious than a downstairs master bathroom because there are far fewer intricacies as compared to other bathrooms, and the open plan of a wet room means more can fit into a no-frills space. You can even separate your shower area with a glass door – it will still save you a ton of space.

If you’re building a new bathroom, you will also not require all that much space as with a standard bathroom.

Extensive Options

When you choose a Wet Room Installation in Chiswick, you will have many more opportunities for designs, lighting, and materials. You can truly let our creative side and make your bathroom as beautiful, complicated, elegant, simple or any aesthetic that pleases you really.

You can design the bathrooms and choose any layout that pleases you. Where you want the shower and if you want to add a shower cubicle or a glass screen is completely up to you and can be done according to your preferences without limitations.


There are a multitude of benefits to installing a wet room in your home. You can renovate or refurbish your current bathroom and turn it into a wet room so that you, too, can enjoy the benefits of an open space bathroom with all the amenities exactly as you prefer.

For Wet Room Installation, get in touch with TeamMax Ltd. We’re the property refurbishers you’ve been looking for all your life. From renovations and refurbishments to turning your home into a smart home, we’re the team you need.