At Teammax we know that to make a house a home there are so many variables – of those include security, insulation and ambiance.

AnswerWhen you want to replace your windows and doors, security takes precedence. The products we provide are robust and designed to withstand many attempts of forced entry.
AnswerWhen considering what type of window or door to install, consider the difference between double and triple glazing. The increase in insulation will offset the higher investment in the product with reduced energy bills in the future, saving you money and contributing to protecting the environment.
AnswerAll our windows and doors reduce sound and as builders and installers, we can advise you on how to maximise the natural lighting available to your property and really lift the atmosphere of your home.
Style of Windows
AnswerCasement windows are the most commonly used windows and cost effective product. They allow the maximum light into the room and come in double or triple glazing. They can also come flush, sitting within the frame with strictly ‘traditional’ in mind.

Perhaps you have a cottage in the countryside? You can benefit from the advances of modern technology and replicate the traditional cottage style with cottage windows.

Bay windows can be replaced with double or triple glazing. It’s a smart setup, giving you more space in the room.

Sliding sash windows are also available in double or triple glazing if you want to avoid the now commonplace ‘turning’ window – or you may consider the tilt and turn double glazing, enabling more effective ventilation and the ability to clean easily.

AnswerThink about the style of brick work and the surrounding area when you consider replacing your windows. When we come to visit your property we will advise you from a point of experience but it really is an opportunity for you to become creative.
AnswerWe are able to provide different shapes from the standard windows, be it a regency, a triangle or a gothic arch, we can get the right fit for you.
Style of Door
AnswerWe can help you with your new doors whether you prefer uPVC, wood a composite or aluminium. They are energy efficient, low maintenance and secure. One of our team will happily guide you through your options.

We can provide sliding doors, french doors and bi folding doors as well as front and back doors.

Planning Permission
AnswerIs not usually required if the windows and doors are going to fit into the original walls, however this may change if you want to reconfigure the setup.

It’s always best to contact your local authority if you are unsure.

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